the dog-walker in your pocket

We at Walkie have made it our mission to do something good for you and your dog - and all this in just a few clicks.

Gassi Service buchen

01  |  Register

Enter your name, address, and information about your dog. The more we know about your dog, the better we can find him a suitable Walkie. Your payment information can be entered now or later, after you had a look around the app. 

Gassi-Geher buchen

02  |  Book a Walkie

Set your pick-up location, select the duration of the walk, and book a Walkie. You can leave give additional instructions (for example, pick up the key from your neighbor, Hoardspot key code).

Gassi-Geher finden

03  |  We found a Walkie for you!

Within a few minutes you receive a confirmation of us, with the details of your Walkie, who you can contact at any time. Don't worry! You can cancel the walk free of charge within 5 minutes after the booking was made. 

Hundesitter finden

04  |  The Walkie picks up your dog

The Walkie will arrive at the pickup location on time to pick up your dog for some fun. From now on you can track the walk live. 

Hoard Schlüssel Service 

You are not at home? No problem, use Hoard to leave your key at a safe place, so the Walkie can pick it up. Hoard is an online platform, which cooperates with local cafés and restaurants and provides a simple and secure transfer of keys.

Gassi gehen

05  |  The walk

You can now relax and track the walk live via GPS tracking, as well as call the Walkie at any time.

guter Gassi Service

06  |  The Walkie drops off the dog

The Walkie will bring your happy dog back to you, while you receive an overview of the walk. You can rate the Walkie and give us feedback - so we can guarantee you the best service. 

günstige Gassi-Geher

07  |  Payment

We will not charge you until the end of the walk. If you have any further questions about the payment, please send us an email.


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